WRBA Annual Conference Minutes
Port Angeles, Washington

March 11-13, 2014


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Tuesday, March 11th


Presentation #1, Rebecca Knecht – Evergreen Engineering



Presentation #2, Bryan Van Hoff, Atlas Systems LLC


Q: For material with higher moisture, how can you access the silo if it gets plugged?

A: Yes, wet fuel can stick and you can unload the silo


Q: Turn-down ratio; how low can it go?

A: As slow as a few RPMs


Q: If a drag conveyer chain breaks, how do you fix it?

A: From head to tail end, get a lance through the conveyer and pull the chain out


Presentation #3: Dave Larecy, Con-Vey Keystone


Q: Is the belt standard and do you provide?

A: Yes, 2-ply bare-backed belt.  Viable- takes “U” shape and is supple and also low friction


Q: How much horse power?

A: Slightly more than troughing-roller conveyors, less than a slider belt


Q: Slide material?
A: No, just pipe – standard


Q: If more than 22 degree angle, do you need an air jet belt?

A: Chevron type top.  Some can handle steeper grade – but if it gets too steep – need more area.


Q: With fiber during winter and snow, will material slide back and plug up?

A: No.  Belt and tube does sweat though and can freeze solid.  Can put in idle mode or put in heater to evaluate temperature.


Presentation #4: Nicole Douglas, Clyde Bergemann Power Group


Q: Is there a wear indicator?

A: Yes, side of carriage assembly window by seal packing cartridge


Presentation #5 Scott Wanless, MP Combustion Process LTD


Wednesday, March 12


Presentation #6: Frank DeSilva, Loprest Water Treatment


Q: How many gallons before regeneration?

A: Each vessels: (3.3 million), 2 online, 2 on standby


Presentation #7 Greg Wyrick, Nalco


Q: What kind of membrane?

A: Dow film tech


Presentation #8: Marvin S. Burchfield, FSE Energy


Presentation #9: Ron Preston, Corrosion Monitoring Services, Inc.


Presentation  #10: Robert Morrow Detroit Stoker Co.



Thursday, March 13th


Presentation #11:  Tyler Campbell, Direct Contact LLC


Q: California has water problems.  At what rate is the water available there?

A: 40-50 gpm/condensed from exhaust


Q: Dirty water – do you need to purify it?

A: Use somewhere that doesn’t need clean water


Q: Caustic in water system, treat to PH?

A: Yes, caustic water injected before intake at 2 gph.  Take from boiler blow down, add sodium bisulfate (turns into salt)


Q: Vessel 01 – Direct contact with water purge?

A: Overflow condensed from stack goes out with overflow


Q: Reliability – caustic on steel stack?

A: Used FRP, normally stainless steel. 1-2 yrs – nozzle replaced from abrasion


Q: Surface condenser to use FRP?

A: Coil heat recovery cools stack gas to 150 deg.


Presentation  #12: Dave Sharpe, Boiler and Steam Systems, LLC


Presentation  #13: John Snodgrass, West Salem Machinery


Presentation  #14: Judith Aasland, the Avogadro Group, LLC


Presentation  #15: Anthony Rossi, GE Water and Process Technologies